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I just love meeting new families. It was their very first family photo session ever so it definitely meant a lot to me to be given the opportunity to capture sweet memories for them. I hope they like these images as much as I do. Here’s a sneak peek from this adorable family’s afternoon session. Enjoy!

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The sweetest thing! Sneak peek from yesterday’s adorable session.

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I always wanted a sunset photo session with my boys. My birthday request from the hubby is for him to take photos of me and my babies since I’m always behind the camera. I have no photos with my boys. =( It is so hard to prep for your own session. You have to plan what to wear, do your own make-up and hair, dress the boys, feed them before the shoot, pack the camera and props, etc. We get to the location and of course my boys won’t cooperate. My youngest won’t even look at the camera or even sit still. So lucky to even get these shots. These photos right here are everything to me. I will treasure them forever. #happymama #fulshearsunsetislove #babyboysarethebest

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It’s first day of school today and my little love is in Kindergarten. No tears today! Yay! Here are some shots of him I took over the weekend. I love my silly boy so much!

Check out Baby Christian’s session…

Here’s a short slideshow of Evelyn’s Newborn Session.