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Happy Halloween! This year Zac is a PIRATE for Halloween.  He likes watching Jake and the Neverland pirates. So dressing up as a pirate was a perfect choice this year.  We went to Galveston for this shoot and got really lucky with the weather. It was a cool day and my little pirate had a blast. All he wanted to do was jump in the water so it was hard to make him sit still and look at the camera. Here are some shots of our Zachy…=)

ZP4 ZP3ZP5zacpirate

Natalie and Ryan got married at Annunciation Catholic Church in Downtown Houston. The reception followed after at the Lambo Ballroom. We had such a great time capturing this event. Natalie and Ryan’s long distance relationship paid off and they can finally have their happily ever after. Congrats!!! Thanks for having us and we hope you enjoy this preview!

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Congrats to Natalie and Ryan for tying the knot! Here’s a quick post of the couple as Mr. and Mrs…More photos to come soon!


Oct 15, 2013

I just want to THANK YOU for coming into our lives. Mama and Dada love you so much. You have been the greatest gift and we are SUPER proud of you. You are so full of energy and we just love your amazing personality. I can’t believe you are in school and doing so well. You are always so excited to learn and work with your classmates. GOOD JOB love! We love and adore you, Zachy! Stay happy baby!