1. I will work on your images within 3-4 weeks and post some pictures on my blog. Yes, it takes 3-4 weeks (more for 8 hour wedding coverage) to enhance all of your images so that they will look extra pretty. For engagement portrait sessions, post processing will take 2 weeks.r

2. I will mail your DVD with all your ENHANCED images. Make sure to download and backup your discs because once they are in your hands we are no longer responsible for them. For additional copies, please email me at info@billierochephotography.com for prices.

3. One month from your wedding date your online galleries will be online for your viewing pleasure. You can check your images through the given link that will be given to you via email or when you receive the AFTER THE WEDDING GUIDELINE sheet. Enter your password and share it with your family and friends. The wedding images will be stored in the private gallery for 60 days only. This is to make room for other weddings and clients. To request for an extension to have your gallery back online is $40.00 for 30 days. 

4. We will get together to finalize the book orders. Please email me so we can schedule a meeting and you can view the sample books. ( The number of images that goes into the book will be determined once you finalize your book order.)

5. When you are ready to submit your chosen images, I will work on the layout design for 2-3 weeks and send you the draft on the private gallery with your password. Let me know what changes you would like to make. The first 5 images are free, anything after that is $25/image. The layout draft will be online for 30 days only. To request for an extension to have your gallery back online is $40.00 for 30 days.

6.Once you have approved your wedding photo book or album design, I will send you an approval or order form for you to fill out and send back to me.

7. Production of books start once full payment has been received and cleared. It takes 5-6 weeks for production work (print and bind) and takes 8-10 business days for orders to be shipped back to us. You will be notified via email once y
our order is complete.